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Goal: $500.00
Collected: $210.00

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Here’s your chance to get




Thank you for being a valued member of our local SHRM chapter. As you know it takes a village to keep the chapter moving and productive. We are currently looking for volunteers for the 2023 Board and need your help!

New Volunteer Opportunities

Photographers - we need LOTS of volunteers to take pics and post to social media.

Social media postings - we need members to contribute and collaborate on social media with the board and other members.

Meeting greeters - are you outgoing? We need members who would love to say "Hi" and direct meeting attendees to sponsor tables, registration, and to their seats.

Party/meeting planner - meetings should be fun, fun, fun "oh educational too". We need volunteers to help with meeting themes and decorations. 

SHRM Foundation Fundraiser - Do you like asking for money? It is a gift? Create a SHRM Foundation Fundraiser to contribute to HR knowledge. 

More opportunities coming soon!

Interested in getting involved?

Contact Samantha Fulford for more information at sfulford@starranchgolf.com

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