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District 3 - 2024 Volunteer Leaders  

Click on our photos to go and/or connect with us through our LinkedIn pages. 

Brian Hayes

District 3 Director TexasSHRM

Brian Hayes Bio.docx

Carla Dykstra, SHRM-SCP

Immediate Past President

& Co-VP, Communications

Carla Dykstra Bio.pdf

Kevin Cartwright, SHRM-SCP


Kevin Cartwright Bio.pdf

Chelsea Schwierking, SHRM-CP

President Elect

Samantha Fulford, MSHRD, SHRM-SCP, PHR


Samantha Fulford Bio.pdf

Sue Reichert,  PHR, SHRM-CP, CPP


Sue Reichert Bio.pdf

Steven English, PCC

Co-VP, Communications

Steven English Bio.pdf

Tyra Simpkins, SHRM-CP

Co-VP Membership

Tyra Simpkins Bio.pdf

Erin Teter, SPHR

Co-VP, Membership

Erin Teter Bio.pdf

Vidya Moorthy

Co-VP, Programs

Vidya Moorthy Bio.pdf

Chad Miller

Community Outreach Committee Chair

Dr. Rebecca McPherson, SPHR, APTD

VP, College Relations

Rebecca McPherson Bio.pdf

Janifer Wheeler

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee Chair

Janifer Wheeler Bio.pdf

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